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Animation Guide: Journals & Databases

What is an academic journal?

Journal/Periodical/Serial: any publication published regularly (includes magazines/newspapers/newsletters).

A scholarly or academic journal:  periodical containing research articles which are peer-reviewed and aimed at researchers.

Peer reviewed: every paper/article submitted to the journal is reviewed by independent experts. Papers are accepted/rejected based on quality.


LSAD Library has many journals that are available electronically, these are a fantastic source of information as they have a back catalogue of the journals as well as the most up to date editions. They have a 'search within journal'  facility which allows you to search a topic within a certain journal. You can search for a journal within 'publication finder' on the main library website page



Google Books

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What's a database?

A library database is a collection of resources containing either full text documents, abstracts, citations, or chapters in books. Some databases cover a broad range of subjects, while others are specific to different subjects. The databases are accessible to all LIT students and staff 24/7. Off campus access is also available by clicking on the link and entering your account number and password.

Source: Ronald Williams Library


Animation Journals

LSAD has a fantastic array of print journals for your perusal. Journals are on the wooden display shelves at the end of the library. Older journals are kept in alphabetically arranged boxes at the back of the library.


Online Animation Journals

To access these simply type the title into library website under 'publication Finder' and follow the links

Animation Magazine:  Covers all aspects of the animation industry. Full online access 1989 to present

Con A de animacion: Spanish/English. Publication presents research in the field of animation, including art and history. Full online access 2011 to present

Journal of Graphic Comics and Novels: Covers all aspects of the graphic novel, comic strip and comic book, with the emphasis on comics in their cultural, institutional and creative contexts. Full access from 2010 to present

European Comic Art: Devoted to the study of European-language graphic novels, comic strips, comic books and caricature. Full online access from 2008 to present (with a 12 month delay on present)

International Journal of Comic Art: Full access from 2005-2010 only


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