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Subject guide for Business & Finance

Finding books

There are over 35,000 books in the library. Library books are organised by shelf numbers on the spine of the books so that all the items on the same subject are kept in the same place. Useful shelf marks for Business & Finance include the following:

  • Accounting - 657
  • Advertising and public relations - 659
  • Business law - 346.07
  • Business research methods - 650.072
  • Digital marketing - 658.872
  • Economics - 330 to 339
  • Financial management - 658.15
  • Human resources management - 658.3
  • International business - 658.049
  • Management - 658
  • Marketing - 658.8
  • Market research - 658.83
  • Mathematics - 510
  • Quality management - 658.562
  • Sales management - 658.81
  • Statistics - 510.5
  • Strategic management - 658.4012
  • Taxation - 336.2

Inter library loans

If the item you are searching for is unavailable at LIT Library, try our inter library loans service. We may be able to borrow the books or journal articles that you want from another library for you. Request forms are available online or at the library desk.

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Recommended Books for Business & Finance

Foundations of marketing - shelved at 658.8 FAH

Valued by instructors and students alike, Foundations of Marketing presents an accessible introduction to Marketing. Packed with examples and end of chapter case studies highlighting the real world application of marketing concepts, this fully updated Sixth Edition features digital marketing integrated throughout the chapters as well as a dedicated chapter on marketing planning and strategy.

Exploring strategy: text and cases - shelved at 658.4012 JOH

The essential strategy text for managers of today and tomorrow. From entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals, charities to government agencies, this book raises the big questions about organisations- how they grow, how they innovate and how they change. It also provides a wealth of extra case studies written by experts in the subject to aid and enrich your understanding.

Human resource management in Ireland - shelved at 658.3 GUN

Updated edition of this highly successful textbook, which draws on current Irish research and data while also incorporating international key developments. The book reviews current trends and issues in employee recruitment and selection, and employee development incorporating recent Irish research evidence.

Management and cost accounting - shelved at 658.1511 DRU

The leading textbook in the field for three decades, this edition continues to blend theory and practice in language that is clear and accessible. As well as covering everything students need to know for management accounting and cost accounting modules on undergraduate courses, or postgraduate students studying these topics for the first time, this book will also help prepare those taking the professional accounting bodies' management and cost accounting examinations

Business research methods - shelved at 650.072 BRY

Together with real students and supervisors, the authors draw on their own extensive experience to give readers tips for success and provide advice to help them avoid common mistakes. Developed specifically with business and management students in mind, this bestselling textbook explores the nature and purpose of business research and the issues it entails, while also providing students with practical advice on carrying out their research.

Marketing management - shelved at 658.8 KOT

The world of marketing is changing everyday--and in order for students to have a competittive advantage, they need a textbook that reflects the best of today's marketing theory and practices. Marketing Management is the gold standard marketing text because its content and organization consistently reflect the latest changes in today's marketing theory and practice

An introduction to Irish company law - shelved at 346.066 CAL

Covers the core areas of company law in Ireland. Designed to help students understand the principles of Company Law. Written in a clear and concise style. Suitable for students of company law in undergraduate law and business programmes at universities, institutes of technology and other third-level Institutions, as well as those taking professional accountancy examinations.

The economy of Ireland : policy-making in a global context - shelved at 330.9415 OHA

The story of the Irish economy, at the heart of the euro zone has been one of the most remarkable in the developed world in the last twenty years. There are four major parts to the book: (i) historical, international and political contexts; (ii) state expenditure, taxation and regulation; (iii) performance in terms of employment, living standards and income distribution; and (iv) analysis of six key sectors, agri-food, trades goods and services, energy, housing, education and health.

Management and organisational behaviour - shelved at 658 MUL

Now in its 11th edition Laurie Mullins's Management & Organisational Behaviour is the essential guide for students today. Over half a million students have used this engaging and practically focused book as their introduction to the world of management and organisational behaviour, and it continues to evolve and improve to serve the needs of modern students.Using both theory and practical, real-world examples, the textbook considers how organisational performance can be improved through effective management of people. This unique approach to the subject enables students to relate Organisational Behaviour to Management in the broader social and cultural contexts


There is a selection of Business theses in the library. Titles are listed on the library catalogue. Theses are for library use only. Search for theses on the web using the link below:

FInding eBooks

The library provides online access to over 140,000 eBooks. There are also lots of free eBooks available on the web. Follow the links below for more information.

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