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Food & Tourism: Books & eBooks

Subject guide for Food & Tourism

Finding books

There are over 35,000 books in the library. Library books are organised by shelf numbers on the spine of the books so that all the items on the same subject are kept in the same place. Useful shelf marks for Food & Tourism include the following:

  • Catering - 642.4
  • Communication skills - 302.2
  • Cooking - 641.5
  • Customer care - 658.812
  • Entrepreneurship - 658.421
  • Event management - 394.2068
  • Food & drink - 641.3
  • Front office management - 647.94
  • Hospitality - 647.94
  • Marketing - 658.8
  • Menus - 642.5
  • Restaurant management - 647.95
  • Starting a business - 658.02
  • Table service - 642.6
  • Tourism studies - 338.4791

Inter library loans

If the item you are searching for is unavailable at LIT Library, try our inter library loans service. We may be able to borrow the books or journal articles that you want from another library for you. Request forms are available online or at the library desk.

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Recommended Books for Food & Tourism

Festival & special event management - shelved at 394.2068 ALL

Festival and Special Event Management continues the comprehensive overview of the theory and procedures associated with festivals and special events established in previous editions. The new edition of this market-leading text introduces developments and professional tools, and considers the globalisation and subsequent internationalisation of event management.

Practical professional cookery - shelved at 641.5 CRA

Practical Professional Cookery is recognised throughout the English-speaking world as the established source of recipes for both students and professionals. Practical Professional Cookery covers the full range of work from the most basic dishes to those requiring advanced techniques. Each recipe is presented in a stepped, easy-to-follow format. This revised third edition has been updated with the inclusion of more international, particularly Australian, food and terminology.

Strategic management for tourism, hospitality and events - shelved at 338.4791 EVA

Strategic Management for Tourism, Hospitality and Eventsis the must-have text for students approaching this subject for the first time. It introduces students to fundamental strategic management principles in a Tourism, Hospitality and Events context and brings theory to life by integrating a host of industry-based case studies and examples throughout.

Student's guide to writing dissertations and theses in tourism studies and related disciplines - shelved at 808.066338 COL

This comprehensive book intends to take the stress and anxiety out of doing a dissertation in tourism studies and related disciplines. The process is examined from the germination of an idea to the submission and assessment of the final document. Written primarily for students conducting independent research for the first time, this book offers simple advice and a clear framework which students can adopt even in more advanced studies at masters and doctoral level.

Successful event management : a practical handbook - shelved at 394.2068 SHO

This tried-and-tested guide for both students and practitioners combines a rigorous theoretical grounding with practical insights into every aspect of the organizing and running of events. The text considers event management from an international perspective, with a particular focus on Europe but also encompassing the Middle East and Africa.

Sustainable culinary systems : local foods, innovation, and tourism & hospitality - shelved at 338.1 HAL

This book aims to provide an integrated understanding of the contemporary interest in food and food tourism through the use of an international collection of illustrative case study chapters. It provides the reader with an integrated approach to understanding the subject of how culinary systems may be made more sustainable and will be valuable reading to all those interested in sustainable food and food tourism.

Tourism : principles and practice - shelved at 338.4791 FLE

This text introduces the fundamental principles of tourism and provides a framework that effectively integrates theory and practice. A global and diverse spread of examples shows the impacts and influences of this fast-changing industry on its environment and vice versa.

Social media in travel, tourism and hospitality : theory, practice and cases - shelved at 338.4791 SIG

Social media is fundamentally changing the way travellers and tourists search, find, read and trust, as well as collaboratively produce information about tourism suppliers and tourism destinations. Presenting cutting-edge theory, research and case studies investigating Web 2.0 applications and tools that transform the role and behaviour of the new generation of travellers, this book also examines the ways in which tourism organisations reengineer and implement their business models and operations.

The Routledge handbook of cultural tourism - shelved at 338.4791 SMI

The Routledge Handbook of Cultural Tourism explores and critically evaluates the debates and controversies in this field of Tourism. It brings together leading specialists from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and geographical regions, to provide state-of-the-art theoretical reflection and empirical research on this significant stream of tourism and its future direction.


There is a selection of Tourism (Event management) theses in the library. Titles are listed on the library catalogue. Theses are for library use only. Search for theses on the web using the link below:

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