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Paraphrasing - an overview

Paraphrasing, Academic writing, Citing and referencing

Some good reasons to Paraphrase...

According to Jerman (2021), some good reasons to paraphrase include:

  1. To further explain or simplify a passage that may be difficult to understand. By showing your reader that you understand the idea, paraphrasing not only clarifies the idea in the passage but also illustrates that you, since you can articulate this difficult message to the reader, are knowledgeable about the topic and should be trusted.
  2. To maintain the flow of the writing. Each author has a unique voice and using direct quotes can interrupt this voice. Too many quotes can make an essay sound choppy and difficult to follow. Paraphrasing can help communicate an important idea in a passage or source without interrupting the flow of the essay. 
  3. To eliminate less relevant information. Since paraphrasing is written using the author’s own words, he or she can be more selective in what information from a passage should be included or omitted.
  4. To avoid plagiarism. Always remember to include an in-text citation and a full reference at the end of the essay for the paraphrased text.   

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