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Fashion Guide: Journals & Databases

Tips for our fashionistas

What is a database?

A database is a collection of online journal articles. LIT Library subscribes to a number of databases across a variety of subject areas. Through the databases, you can access articles, eBooks, proceedings and other research material on your topic.

Don’t know where to start? Try Art, Design and Architecture Collection a key database for Fashion students.


What are the library databases

What are the library databases by Roland Williams Library

How should I search in a database?

What are the library databases by Roland Williams Library

What is Discover!

Discover! is a service that simultaneously searches across multiple library databases using a single search. Find books, eBooks, journals, open access content and more. You can use keywords to search the single search box or use the Advanced Search option for a more focused search.

Searching for journal articles using Discover!


Start Searching with Discover! here:



Examples of journals

LSAD has a fantastic array of print journals for your perusal. Current fashion journals are kept on the windowsills, all other journals are on the wooden display shelves at the end of the library. Older journals are kept in alphabetically arranged boxes at the back of the library. Some examples of Fashion titles are:

LSAD Library has many journals that are available electronically, these are a fantastic source of information as they have a back catalogue of the journals as well as the most up to date editions. They have a 'search within journal'  facility which allows you to search a topic within a certain journal. You can search for a journal within 'publication finder' on the main library website page

Key databases for Fashion

Many databases allow you to discover relevant journal articles by searching with keywords. 

What is a peer-reviewed journal?

Peer-reviewed journals are publications that include original research articles written by researchers and experts in a particular academic discipline, providing a forum for the production and critique of knowledge. These journals are also known as scholarly or academic journals. (ACRL)

When searching on Discover! you can limit search results to articles from peer-reviewed journals only. Read more about limiters on Discover!


Peer Review in Three Minutes

Peer Review in Three Minutes by NC State Univarsity Libraries


  • Off-campus access to our electronic resources is available 24/7. Log on with your student number and password
  • If the item you are searching for is unavailable at LIT Library, try our inter library loans service. We may be able to borrow the books or journal articles that you want from another library for you. Request forms are available online or at the library desk.

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