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Welcome to LSAD library: Journals & Databases

General guide to help you navigate LSAD Library

What's a database?

A library database is a collection of resources containing either full text documents, abstracts, citations, or chapters in books. Some databases cover a broad range of subjects, while others are specific to different subjects. The databases are accessible to all LIT students and staff 24/7. Off campus access is also available by clicking on the link and entering your account number and password.

Source: Ronald Williams Library

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Online Resources

Available 24/7 wherever you are.
You can access a wide range of online resources (such as eBooks, eJournals and databases) through LIT library Discover! search at
All you need is the Internet access, device and your  LIT username and password.

LSAD Journals

LSAD has a fantastic array of print journals for your perusal. Current fashion and education journals are kept on the window sills, all other journals are on the wooden display shelves at the end of the library. Older journals are kept in alphabetically arranged boxes at the back of the library. Some examples of titles are:

The Library, Limerick Institute of Technology