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Getting started with library search engine Discover!: Searching on Discover!

Basic search

The Basic Search Screen lets you create just that - a basic search.

Enter your search terms in the search box. The Auto-complete feature will offer you a list of popular terms and publications to choose from, even if you misspell something.
Note: You may restrict your results to a Title search or an Author search using the menu beside the search box. (Keyword is the default.)

  1. To conduct a search enter your keyword and press the the Search button. The search engine will give you a list of results.

  2. If a Research Starter is available, it will appear at the top of your search results list. Research Starters provide valuable background information on a topic that will help you to begin your research.
  3. Use the Limit To options to narrow your search, or refine your search using the facets on the left to select Source Type, Publication or Subject, among other filters. Click the Show More link to view all available limiters and expanders.

Click on a search result to view the article details screen, or click the full - text link to view the complete article. Hover your cursor over the preview icon to view article details, or click the folder icon to save the article to your personal folder.

Advanced search

Discover! search also lets you conduct advanced searches using guided fields.

  1. Click the Advanced Search link below the search box.
  2. Enter your search terms in the first field on the Advanced Search screen.
  3. Choose the search field from the optional Select a Field drop-down list (for example, search in only the Subject Terms field of the citation).
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any additional fields you wish to include.
  5. Select AND, OR or NOT to combine entries.
  6. If you need additional rows, click the (+) link (if available).
  7. Check the Catalog Only limiter to limit results to only those items available from LIT’s catalog (books, theses and more). The Available in Library Collection limiter restricts results to those items whose full text is  available online (full text databases, electronic journals, etc.) or content physically available in our library.
  8. Click the Search button. The Result List displays.

To revise your search, you can apply the limiters under Refine Results.

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